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Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future.

In the long term, hydrogen will take over the role of the primary energy carrier.

What is the status of the production, transport, storage and use of the new energy source?

What possibilities and developments are there towards a real hydrogen economy, in which the primary energy is converted into hydrogen and reaches the end user as a hydrogen?


Solar hydrogen economy: what is it?

Solar or bio means that the hydrogen is generated from renewable energy sources. Biomass, like wind power or solar energy, is ultimately solar energy in it's various forms. With biomass are usually meant plants that are produced by the farmer in agriculture. This means that the solar hydrogen economy gets its hydrogen 100% from the living natural cycle. For example, no carbon is released that has not previously been absorbed from the atmosphere by the plants. Biomass has a very special meaning, since the use of biomass enables a real quantitative solution of the energy supply.


Alternative Energies

What are alternative energies? This question usually means other energy sources than those previously used. Instead of the previous, limited and environmentally polluting energy sources, one would like to use sustainable energy sources that are not limited in time and are more environmentally friendly.