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Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future.

In the long term, hydrogen will take over the role of the primary energy carrier.

What is the status of the production, transport, storage and use of the new energy source?

What possibilities and developments are there towards a real hydrogen economy, in which the primary energy is converted into hydrogen and reaches the end user as a hydrogen?

Among all the existing alternatives in the energy industry, the solar hydrogen economy is the current optimum of all possible developments. The question is not whether our society will introduce bio-hydrogen as the primary carrier for transporting and storing energy, but when and how.

This when and how not only determines the future of mankind and our society, but also who is on the winning and losing side in these processes of upheaval, what new perspectives arise for individuals, groups, states or communities like Europe.

Anyone who is a leader in the implementation of the solar hydrogen economy is not only committed to the preservation of our natural basis of life, but also has the opportunity to strengthen their own competitive position.

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Ulrich Hung 2007-10-15