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The Holocene, a period with relative stable temperatures has ended. For thousands of years the global temperatures only were fluctuating for about one dregree.

Before that, the climate was more unstable, global temperatures changed more rapidly. Plus and minus ten degrees in a decade were possible. It was the Holocene that enabled the human race to evolve and build it's civilizations.

We are now in the Anthropocene. It is yet still open, which way temperatures will evolve.

World Population

The world population is esitmated to have reached 7,800,000,000 people as of March 2020.

  • 1804: 1 Billion
  • 1927 (after 123 years): 2 Billion
  • 1960 (after 33 years): 3 Billion
  • 1974 (after 14 years): 4 Billion
  • 1987 (after 13 years): 5 Billion
  • 1999 (after 12 years): 6 Billion
  • 2011 (after 12 years): 7 Billion

CO2 in the atmosphere


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